Sci-Fi Paganism is a programme exploring the intersection between science-fiction, esoteric practices and diagrams through countercultural practices of The Long 1960s. Curated by Lucy A Sames at Enclave, London.

Part 1The Starseed Transmission [group show] September 2013
Sovay Berriman, Rowena Harris, Dean Kenning, Plastique Fantastique, Ines Rebelo.
Part 2Tomb, Shrine [group show] September 2014
Sam Austen, Ben Cove, Karen David, Cathy Haynes, Lawrence Lek, Superlative TV.
Part 3Sci-Fi Paganism [publication] October 2014  ISBN: 978-0993069703  Buy.
Sam Austen, Rowena Harris, Cathy Haynes, Dean Kenning, Plastique Fantastique, Lawrence Lek, Lucy A Sames.


Shortlisted for the Art Licks Work Week Prize 2014

Supported by The Arts Council England


See also: Exta  - an ongoing research project by Lucy A. Sames and Dane Sutherland. Exta mobilises occult intensities, Sci-Fi dynamics and slime-vectors of decay to divine a future body-politic and its delirious inhabitants.

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