A new project for 2012 – operating out of the holding cells at the former police station in Deptford comes THE SCHIZO EVENT, a collaborative project between Karen Di Franco and Lucy A. Sames, exploring recidivism, retreat and redaction as possibilities for creative acts.These concerns will be made manifest through an artistic and research programme that acknowledges this space as its has existed previously, and the traces that remain – not as a thematic but as a structure within which the potential for a different set of activities can occur. This palimpsestic quality is to act as a template for the way in which activity is conducted, where in each project leaves/produces/acts upon the residue of the previous. Highlights include an Enforced Retreat residency, where artists will be invited to explore their practice though a period of enforced inactivity.

This year-long programme begins with THE CHANCE EVENT on March 30th – an evening of moving image, performance and sound curated by THE SCHIZO EVENT and invited guests.

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